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Sean Rowe (vocals/guitar)

Sean Rowe (local)

Styles: Anti-Folk, Funk, Soul
Hometown: Troy, NY
Albums: "Live at the Grind" (2006)
Band Plug: "Rowe has those resonant pipes, ornately groovy tunes and busy guitar work, while Haber has a uniquely Afro-Latin- and Middle Eastern-influenced style of hand drumming that makes one drum sound like, well, a bunch of drums" -Metroland Magazine
Member Votes: 427 (edit your votes)

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Listen to: "Dope" off of Live at the Grind

Sean Rowe Concert Listings
DateBand/Artist VenueCost/Details/Vibe
Jan. 30. 8pm
  Sean RoweCaffe Lena$25. All Ages.
Folk Rock, Anti-Folk
Jan. 31. 7pm
  Sean RoweCaffe Lena$25. All Ages.
Folk Rock, Anti-Folk
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