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Melanie Krahmer (vocals, drums, flute, bass with a stick), Rich Libutti (guitar, bass, and snare & bass with his feet)

Sirsy (local)

Styles: Female-Fronted, Alternative, Pop Rock
Hometown: Albany, NY
Albums: Baggage (2000), Away From Here (2002), At This Time (2002), Ruby (2004), Covered/Uncovered (2006), Revolution (2007)
Band Plug: SIRSY: What the hell is that? Check 'em out and see...
Member Votes: 1060 (edit your votes)

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Listen to: "Sorry Me" off of Revolution

Sirsy Concert Listings
DateBand/Artist VenueCost/Details/Vibe
Aug. 15. 7pm
  SirsyFreedom Park
Scotia, NY
FREE. All Ages.
Alternative, Female-Fronted
printable listing
Dan Goodspeed