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Here are the top albums of 2006,
as voted by you on the year-end poll.

1) Ember Swift
The Dirty Pulse
Few'll Ignite Sound
2866 points.
2) Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam
1506 points.
3) Imogen Heap
Speak for Yourself
RCA Victor
1277 points.
4) Regina Spektor
Begin To Hope
1276 points.
5) Muse
Black Holes and Revelations
Warner Bros.
1240 points.
6) Red Hot Chili Peppers
Stadium Arcadium
Warner Bros.
1226 points.
7) Mohair
Small Talk
Grunion Records
1165 points.
8) KT Tunstall
Eye To the Telescope
1087 points.
9) Vienna Teng
Dreaming Through The Noise
Zoe Records
1000 points.
10) Blue October
981 points.

11) Nellie McKay- Pretty Little Head
12) Gomez- How We Operate
13) Beck- The Information
14) James Blunt- Back To Bedlam
15) The Velmas- Station
16) The Format- Dog Problems
17) Jet- Shine On
18) Cracker- Greenland
19) Cat Power- The Greatest
20) Gnarls Barkley- St. Elsewhere

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