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Jack Nemier (Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica), Andy Hearn (Drums/Vocals), Terry Plunkett (Guitar), David DeMott (Bass/Vocals)

Arc (local)

Styles: Americana, Pop Rock
Hometown: Albany, NY
Albums: Arc (1999), Raised on Social Posture (2001), Name The Day (2004)
Band Plug: Rock welded to the earthy ramble of Americana. A "work-strong" band with a Coleman grill(for dinner after the show)!
Member Votes: 153 (edit your votes)

Fans of Arc also recommend:
Sirsy (52), The Wait (48), The Velmas (34), Stickmen Play (33), Acoustic Trauma (30)

Listen to: "Sink Or Swim" off of Name The Day

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