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Announce shows coming to the area and use as a ride board. Remember to give the location, date, time, cost, age restrictions, genres (if you want the show to be added to the concert database) and bands playing.

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Topic:Johnny A. (in concert)
by: harpking860
July 12, '11 3:20pm
Boston's legendary "guitarist's guitarist" brings his rock-blues-jazz instrumental hybrid fireworks to the Capital Region for the first time.
*Johnny A. (in concert)*
Genre: Rock/Blues/Jazz
Age restrictions: 18+
when: 9/8/11
Time: 8pm
place: The Parting Glass Pub
contact: 518-583-1916
location: 40 Lake Ave Saratoga Springs, NY
price:16.00 advanced limited tickets / 20.00 door / 25.00 advanced limited VIP tix
* Limited advanced tickets may be purchased at

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