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Name That Tune!!!
Play Name That Tune
  • You need to have your Rkstar log-in saved on the computer to play.
  • QuickTime 4.0 or later required
  • You have 120 seconds to answer as many as you can.
  • It gets increasingly harder.
  • The more you answer right, you get bonus time added on.
  • While it's mostly skill, a lot of luck is involved. Depending on the internet speed to load the audio clips, if you get songs you know, things like that.
  • The tougher questions you get to later on are worth more points.
  • An average game would get about 10 points; but if you're really good, you can get over 100.
  • User Rkstar (dan) gets only 30% the points as everyone else to keep things fair and competitive.

  • Practice Name That Tune
  • Anyone can try it out.
  • QuickTime 4.0 still required.
  • No scoring kept.
  • Gives you a good idea of how game is played.
  • Recommended to try this out before playing the real game.
  • This version also let's you click over to learn more about the bands/songs you just guessed upon.
  • High Scorers
    each user's daily high score (up to 3 per player)

    1)sodivided137 7/5/2005
    2)carsonbelle126 10/22/2006
    3)carsonbelle111 11/5/2006
    4)carsonbelle106 4/3/2009
    5)BrianMulholland100 4/2/2005
    6)thenumbernine97 12/29/2005
    7)thenumbernine92 12/30/2005
    8)JazzyPants91 4/8/2005
    9)chadnixhex89 2/4/2006
    10)sodivided88 7/1/2005
    11)Rkstar88 2/15/2005
    12)Rkstar85 4/8/2005
    13)thenumbernine84 12/31/2005
    14)BrianMulholland77 12/26/2004
    15)randomhero77 4/7/2007
    16)sodivided77 6/30/2005
    17)drummachick0676 2/14/2007
    18)BrianMulholland70 11/11/2005
    19)Rkstar67 12/30/2004
    20)PublicDisplayOf66 2/18/2005
    21)memaher65 5/13/2005
    22)amonrak22064 4/2/2005
    23)PublicDisplayOf63 3/6/2005
    24)crystalmarie130362 9/5/2007
    25)RockChica0261 1/7/2005

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